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I will spare you the lurid details of my horrific bike accident on May 30th. Suffice it to say I was riding the wrong bike (a small folding bike) in the wrong place (under the I 95 overpass where the bike lane becomes non-existent ) on the wrong day (a busy Saturday).

I am lucky that I was not hit by a car or sustained injuries which would have rendered me paralyzed or resulted in the loss of a limb (Or worse, my life). My injuries consisted of a fractured wrist which required surgery and a crack in a pelvic bone.


After the operation with flowers from my BFF, Marilyn

During the time that I will be recuperating and getting back into shape I hope you will enjoy many of my posts that I have written for the past 8 years. Check out some that deal with topics of grammar, grandchildren, spelling errors, complaints, summer camp, technology, math puzzles and other subjects mostly written with humor and insight.


A splint after PT

To get you started I have listed a few of my favorite posts below that I hope you will enjoy. To my new followers I have been writing for many years so check my archives and I’m sure you will enjoy some past pieces. In the meantime stay tuned. I hope to get a new post out as soon as my right hand is healed and Covid-19 allows me to get out into the world.

Stay safe and thank you for being a loyal reader.

Bad Grammar? Do Me Care?

What’s in a Name?

As Funny as a Crutch

Dead Bird in My Freezer


  1. Tamara

    Geez! It isn’t even safe to distance exercise! I’m so sorry you got so badly hurt and hope you feel better and heal quickly. Sending love.

    • Thank you for reading and responding. Physical therapy is helpful for my wrist. will Keep everybody updated.

  2. Lewis Baden

    Get well soon, Mom!

  3. Larry

    If anyone can do it, you can!

  4. Hi. Get well soon.

    Neil Scheinin

  5. Susan Metcalfe

    Looking forward to yore return…. Lefty
    Love ya

  6. Maureen

    Feel better quick!!

    • I don’t think quick is on the agenda. as a fast and impatient person this is very trying for me.

  7. Dennis

    To tell you, Arlene, you’re looking good! May your recuperation be relatively swift and painless.

    • Thank you as always for reading and commenting. Looking forward to feeling better and seeing both of you.


  1. One Year Ago Today….. | (A)Musings by Arlene

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