One Year Ago Today…..

It was May 30, 2020, when I had the horrific bike accident (see post) which resulted in a fractured wrist.

bike accident

The next day, I planned to get an x-ray at a walk-in clinic but after I fainted twice while getting dressed, my husband called EMS.  Of course, Covid was in full swing a year ago so when I went to the hospital my husband was not allowed to accompany me.  There, I was given my first Covid test and then the attending surgeon (luckily for me, a wrist specialist) confirmed that the x-rays showed significant damage.  A splint was applied and surgery was scheduled for June 4.

For the surgery, I was given a nerve block which essentially put my entire arm asleep.  I was assured feeling would return sometime in the middle of the night and that when it did, I should take a pain killer. Of course, I obsessed over the possibility that feeling would never return and I’d have a useless arm for the rest of my life.


Meanwhile, I obtained a waterproof “sleeve” from the drugstore that allowed me to shower, my food was cut by my husband, and I learned how to write with my left hand. My tech guy (again, my husband) set me up with voice-to-text on the computer so I could email (I couldn’t type).   I did many jigsaw puzzles, read books and learned how to play Words with Friends on my phone.  I started physical therapy and continued exercises daily at home.  Eventually, I could do things that I couldn’t initially: eat and write with my right hand, turn my hand palm up, hold a little weight.


The therapist, Maria, was one of the best I’ve ever had (and I’ve had several since I am so physically active and often need to rehabilitate a sprain or muscle pull.)  I “played” with pegs, a putty-like substance, small weights and other devices.

Eventually she dismissed me and I got a device to help get more flexion in my wrist.  It looked like a medieval torture device.  Screws had to be tightened, angles measured.


So why am I commemorating this awful year?  When I asked the surgeon to give me a timeline he started with accomplishments in weeks and ended up saying “back to normal in a year.”  And here it is … a full year later and with only occasional minor reminders, I am “back to normal.”

Recently I went through a metal detector when entering the synagogue for my granddaughter’s Bat Mitzvah.  The bells went off because of the plate in my wrist.

Sh-t happens and time heals all wounds.  If you’re suffering from a minor setback like a bone fracture, keep your spirits up, follow the doctor’s orders and remember: the time will come when you’ll be whole once again.

gonna be fine


  1. susan metcalfe

    Everybody needed SOMETHING to take their mind off Covid……….

  2. Linda levine

    Detailed and interesting, awful but helpful and inspirational.
    If we ever have an accident, we’ll hope for your excellent care and outcome!

  3. Maria Dynia

    Arlene, so glad you are feeling better! You worked so hard at it! That made a huge difference!

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. And, of course, your excellent skills as a Physical Therapist. You made it fun as well as rehabilitating!

  4. Marilyn T.

    It’s a year. Our bodies are a miracle. We’ll raise a glass to your healing. Love, MMMMMM

    • And I raise a glass to your (future) healing, my dear friend!

      • Marilyn


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