To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

I used to keep a Dream Notebook.  Occasionally, I still make an entry but mostly I like to reread what I have written down.  no.5The most surprising aspect of my dreaming, aside from the extremely vivid details, is that some of my dreams were predictions that came true.  For the sake of clarity, the dream itself will be in italics.  Here are four that I documented on paper along with the circumstances under which they occurred:

1963: We lived in the Bronx until 1953 and then moved to Queens.  In my dream, I am conversing with a couple that my parents were friendly with in our apartment house in the Bronx.  Their names were Gus and Al Keary.  The following day, I went to the diner across the street from where we lived and at a large table with several people, who did I see?  Gus and Al Keary, whom I hadn’t seen for 10 years!  When I went over to them to say hello and remind them who I was, I said, “I dreamt about you last night!”  I don’t think they believed me.


1965: I dreamt of being shot right between my eyes by thieves pursuing me.  The next day, in my friend’s house, we were fooling around and she accidentally shot a rubber band.  It landed in the same place I had been “shot!”


August 1967: While married to my first husband, we were in a motel and I dreamt that he was a parachutist. In the dream, he fell and broke his leg.  The next day, upon awakening, we put on the radio and heard a report of the loss of several local parachutists over some body of water.

1968: My best friend and I had drifted apart at one point which resulted in our not speaking for several months.  I dreamed that I had her to my house and made spaghetti with the marinara sauce that my sister had taught me to make.  The following day I got a phone call from my friend … asking me for the recipe for my tomato sauce!

Remarkable?  Coincidence? Not sure, but they have stayed in my memory (and my Dream Book) all these years.  It seems that they occurred when I was much younger and although I have vivid dreams now that I can recall with detail upon awakening, none seem to be in the realm of clairvoyancy.



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