The Pig Joke

As promised, here is the joke I referred to in my last post.  Those of you who read it already know the punch line!

Two apple farmers are on their way to market and meet up on the road.

Farmer Brown: That’s a mighty nice load of apples you have there!

Farmer Smith: Thanks!  I devised a new way of gathering them.

Farmer Brown: I’d like to hear about that!

Farmer Smith: I take my pig, Porky, and lift him high up to grab an apple.  He puts it in his mouth, I lower him, take the apple and place it in the basket.  Then, we start again, lift, Porky grabs the apple in his mouth, lower and I put in basket.

Farmer Brown: Isn’t that awfully time-consuming?

Farmer Smith: What’s time to a pig?


In my house, we use the punch line all the time. For example, I might say to my husband during this self-quarantine time: “It’s gonna take me forever to finish this 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle!”  His response?  You guessed it:  “What’s time to a pig?”


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