July Woes

I am reminded of Groucho Marx’s comment upon leaving a party. He said to the host, “I have had a wonderful time but this wasn’t it.”Groucho

I’ve spent many wonderful Julys but this doesn’t count as one of them.  July in Camp Boiberik in my youth, touring in England, Amsterdam, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Alaska, cross-Canada and other trips as an adult.  Julys in which I’ve swum the Point to Point Swim at my local beach, enjoyed visits from my granddaughters, biked 20 miles to an outdoor concert with my husband, and, of course, spent time on Fire Island.


Let’s start at the top of the month; technically a day earlier.  Broke my toe.  I was swimming in the beautiful outdoor pool at my Y, finished my ½ mile laps and was exiting on the ladder.  Sun blinding me, I didn’t step off the ladder well and stubbed my little toe.  X-rays revealed I broke it.  On the plus side, it wasn’t as bad a break as I had 7 years ago (same toe!) when it actually formed a 90 degree angle and had to be (ouch!) put back in place.  This just (!) required taping and wearing a “boot.”  Of course, no biking, no hiking, no exercising below the knee.  Just what I wanted to hear!

The other night, I awoke several times with pain in my eye.  In the morning, the pain was quite severe and my eye was tearing constantly.  A trip to the ophthalmologist revealed a scratched cornea that had evidently happened in my sleep!  He prescribed some drops and said, you’ll feel all better tomorrow morning.  This is one of two outstanding doctors I have had in my 76 years of living that I will trust with my life.  He was absolutely right … all gone!

And, finally, it’s the time to purchase a new mattress after finding myself in a valley when I cuddle up to my husband.  Since he was “perfectly satisfied” with the current one, it fell upon me to research, test and ultimately decide.  I pleaded with him to do some of the research (those who know him understand why).  I dutifully read the links he provided, the Consumer Reports reviews, the claims by the mattress companies and the different types of mattresses.  I lay down on more mattresses than a cheap prostitute.  Hybrid?  Innerspring?  Memory Foam?  Latex?  And if latex, Talalay or Dunlop?  If you have not undertaken this project recently, let me tell you that you could be on this for months!  I will spare the details but suffice it to say, it was not fun and caused many discussions (read “disagreements”) in my household.  I hope the new mattress we (finally) agreed on, which arrives on Monday, will be worth the trouble.

Looking forward to August.


  1. Ah ….. I see …. Bob Belson. Yes, it’s worse than shopping for a used car.

  2. Bob

    Good luck with the mattress. I may needone, but the task is daunting.

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