And Yet Another Thing to Do…..

I’m not a lazy person nor do I like to sit still for too long without knitting, doing a puzzle or some other constructive activity.  My days are filled with appointments, lunches with friends, etc.  So when another “thing” is added to my to-do list I view it with trepidation.  When will I fit it in?  How will I complete it?  Is it really necessary?

I have found that, as a woman “of a certain age,” more and more “must-do’s” pile up.  Take, for example, healthy food updates and fads.  I’ve recently bought chia and flax seeds to include in my morning breakfast.  Of course, I don’t forget the seedsblueberries, the best of the best when it comes to antioxidants! Why weren’t these items as important 30 years ago?

I recently saw my ophthalmologist for a checkup.  He discovered a very minor eye infection that need not be treated except …. Every time I shower, I now have to stand with my face under the shower for a full minute.  “I don’t wear a watch in the shower,” I said.  “Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ 4 times,” said the doctor.  (I timed it; it works!)

Speaking of eyes, I now have to add under-eye concealer to my repertoire of what little makeup I wear.  Not a big thing, right?  Just one more item to add to my toilette.


Throughout the years, I’ve had physical therapy about a dozen times for different injuries, all occurring as a result of exercising too strenuously or spraining my ankle by walking too fast, etc.  Each time I am treated for a different part of my aging body phys-ther(e.g., ankle, lower back, Iliotibial band inflammation) I am introduced to a new set of exercises.  I have bands, I have balls, I have written directions.  So, naturally, I incorporate each into my routine stretching workout which used to take 15 minutes; it now takes ½ hour and sometimes I don’t get everything in!

And what about the brain?  Mustn’t ignore the aging that is taking place there, and of course one has to ward off any dementia.  I have taken to doing puzzles of many different varieties; some with 3 levels of acrosticsconnection (like the acrostics: first, fill in the answer to the clue; next, each letter in the answer has a number, put the letter in the number in the quote; third, the first letters of the clues spells out the author’s name and source.)

There’s more!  I haven’t even mentioned technology.  Now, I’m not tech-phobic; as a former math teacher, I’ve used computers since the early ‘80’s (remember the Apple 2e?).  But every time we upgrade, it takes more and more time to relearn the operating system, reorganize my files, learn new software,

Whew!  I’m exhausted. Nowadays, I feel like I need a day and a half to get everything in!


  1. Barbara Peck

    Love it!!!

    Barbara Peck, Assistant Director

    Westport Historical Society 25 Avery Place

    Westport, CT 06880 203-222-1424

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