Fire Island Memories

Ready for Another Bike Ride!

Ready for Another Bike Ride!

We just came back from our annual two-week vacation in Fire Island (or is it “on” Fire Island?). If you read my blog last year you’ll recall the challenges I faced when biking for exercise. This year, I only biked during the week when traffic was lighter – although I discovered that deer and snakes don’t know what day it is – and swam in the Great South Bay during the weekends. I was very aware this year of names. My two granddaughters, Ava and Lila, have relatively common names but they met two friends there (whom they coincidentally knew from back home!) named Anya and Serena. Boys’ names were even more unusual: I heard Jackson, Kennedy and Harrison – do you detect a presidential theme here? As well as Riley, Ryder, Milo, Quinn and Dexter. Seems as though I’ve watched some TV shows with characters of those names.

FI2 4girls

Ava gets buried in sand while Lila, Anya and Serena look on.

Homes in the community often have names as well. I enjoy the creativity of the owners who include nautical themes or word play. There was Sandy Bottom, All Decked Out and Happy Ours. FI2housename2   FI2housename Speaking of names, there is a famous celebrity who owns a house in the community where we stay. I won’t expose her name, but think SNL and 30 Rock. I actually spotted her at the bay with her two daughters and watched her enjoying the sunset at the dock one evening. No, I did not take her photo. FI2sunset Children’s’ entrepreneurial activities are always a source of interest to me. One night, these boys held a carnival with games and prizes. Ava and her friend sold painted seashells. Lila painted faces (and arms). Each made about $9. FI2boys carnival FI2shells FI2 facepainting And, finally, there was food! Here’s a photo of what breakfast for 6 looked like one morning. Starting at 6 o’clock and going clockwise are (1) my breakfast of toast with jam and fruit and yogurt; (2) my son-in-law’s choice of peanut butter on 2 slices of bread with melon; (3) my daughter’s avocado with sardines and fruit, and, continuing around, the same for Ava (minus the fruit); (4) my husband had bologna and melon and (5) Lila had a ½ bologna sandwich and olives. Quite impressive choices, no? FI2breakfast Evening always started with a cheese plate, here proudly displayed by my daughter and son-in-law. FIcheesenight So … memories, fun, food, sand, sun, friends. That’s what it’s all about. Will we do it again? We’re looking at a MONTH next summer! I have one word to say about that: YIPPEE!

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  1. larry

    sounds wonderful and I am glad you are contemplating a month next year!Wow, that will be great. I hope there is a time slot for us. See you soon. Larry

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