Making Time for A Sound Mind in a Sound Body

soundmindtimeYears ago, I phoned a friend who had recently given birth. “Do you have some time to chat?” I asked tentatively. Breathlessly, she answered, “Three minutes and twenty seven seconds.” I know how she felt. Maintaining a sound mind in a sound body takes so much time nowadays that I frequently find myself with only minutes to spare for something like, say, organizing the shoes in my closet or cutting up a banana to put in jello. Here’s an example: I recently visited a doctor who read over my latest bone density test. After he tut tutted a bit, he said, “What are you doing for your bones?” I remarked that I take Calcium and Vitamin D. “What about weight-bearing exercises?” he inquired. “Oh,” I said, “I do those!” “Do more,” was his reply. Another doctor I went to because I thought I was having a hip problem (I wasn’t) said, “You need to do core-strengthening exercises. I’ll send in my physical therapist to show you some.” I left with 2 pages of diagrams for movements to do.

Strengthen that Core!

Strengthen that Core!

So now, instead of working out for a mere hour and a half at the Y, it takes me over 2 hours to get my body into better shape (or to keep it in the shape it’s in!)

My Tooth Box

My Tooth Box

And the teeth … years ago, my dentist informed me that I was going to have to undergo surgery. I begged him to give me something I could do to reverse the damage. He sent in the hygienist who gave me instructions on several techniques to help. I left with a handful of implements to use. These now reside in my Tooth Box which I use every night (I never needed the surgery.) Trouble is, every time I visit the dentist, I get more stuff to use. Below are 3 different brushes I use every day: The one on the left cleans the mouth appliance I use at night because I grind my teeth, the one in the middle is to get to those places brushes often miss (like behind the teeth in the center of your mouth) and the last is my everyday toothbrush.

Three Toothbrushes!

Three Toothbrushes!

And let’s not forget about the mind! I spend hours doing jigsaw puzzles (just finished one of 1000 pieces), Sudoku, crossword puzzles, not to mention watching Jeopardy every night and doing pretty well, I must admit (but then again, I’m on my couch, and not in front of an audience.) To keep my mind challenged, I’ve recently taken up piano lessons and of course writing this blog. I volunteer my time at the local Historical Society, as well as for Lifetime Learners, writing and doing computer work at each.

1000 Piece Puzzle

1000 Piece Puzzle

soundmindcrossword So, finding time to cultivate a sound mind in a sound body isn’t always easy. Is it worth it? I’ll let you know if I reach 90 and can still touch my toes and solve a crossword puzzle! And, I’ve figured out something that will save me a bit of time: I’ll stop correcting people who say “Me and her went to buy a book for Jack and I.”

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  1. Oh, to be retired!

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