The Tag Sale in My Future

Did you ever go to a Tag Sale at a home where an elderly person recently died and see, for example, 8 boxes of Rice-tag sale signA-Roni and wonder…… why? Or 42 rolls of toilet paper? 12 jars of Coffee Mate? What were these people thinking? Then I got to thinking myself …..what have I got in the house that will still be in the house when my heirs have that Tag Sale in the (hopefully distant) future?

Panty hose: I have panty hose in white, beige, “nude”, black and brown. With reinforced heel, and without. With control top and with no control (musta bought those long ago when I had more muscle tone!) Some are still in their original package with laughable prices ($3.50 for 2 pairs). Related to the panty hose, I have a dozen knee-high stockings to wear under pants. I think I wore them once. My children will find these and give to their children to put over their faces to make a smushy mask.

gift wrapGift Wrap: When the Holidays are finished, gift wrap goes on sale. Doesn’t everyone stock up then so that they don’t have to buy any a year later at higher prices? In my “gift wrap closet,” I currently have 5 rolls for Chanukah, 4 rolls for Christmas, and 3 rolls of miscellaneous. And I’ve already done all my Chanukah and Christmas wrapping this year!

Return Address Labels: I currently have 2361 address labels – yes, I counted – sent by various organizations looking for donations, some of which I actually donate to. Each month, I mail checks for payments (I know, I could do it online and save myself a stamp), an occasional letter to my children or grandchildren (much nicer than emails, don’t you think?) and sundry other postal missives. I looked at several months’ records and concluded that this amounts to an average of about 8 envelopes mailed per month. At this rate, my current supply of address stickers will last over 24 years. I hope I last as long!

So if anyone out there plans to correspond with me, send me a self-addressed stamped envelope and I will be happy to mail you several dozen of my personalized labmailboxels along with some free panty hose. I can even gift-wrap it for you.


  1. Oh what a great concept. My bereaved trying to sell all my stuff after I’m gone! I too will have address labels to will to my grandkids, hopefully they will all be named after me and live at my current address. 😀

  2. I went to one of those “tag sales” and laughed when I saw the hand lotion with only 5% left in the bottle for sale. They were charging I think a quarter for it.

    • That’s probably 24 cents too much!

  3. I know what you mean about those address labels… I’ve been using three (sometimes even four) on the back of envelops to really seal that flap down good! Ain’t no one steaming open my secret bill payments! 😕

    I do have some clothes I’ll never wear again, but most of what I’ve been hauling around is books. And then CDs. And most recently DVDs. I tend to be a collector and library builder. (Getting close to having it all stored electronically on one small package, though… music and video is already electronic, it’s the books’ turn next!)

  4. Gail Pepper

    Check those panty hose before you donate. I recently did my draw and all the waistbands were dry and cracked, and the colors of the biege looked like the tanning mom’s legs.

  5. Linda Levine

    Just when I bought lots of “on sale” rolls of Holiday paper. I switched to easy gift-wrapping: pretty bags to poof with tissue and then drop the gift in.
    My aunt had an oval rug in front of her sink woven of plastic bread wrappers. Maybe you could weave all your panty hose ( we call them Hosey pants) weave them into an oval rug!

    • I like that idea — woven rug. Will look into it!

  6. Marge

    How funny, but how true. I didn’t have a tag sale. I just moved the stuff from one location to another. I unpacked 5 cans of bread crumbs and not one jar of peanut butter. My daughter was appalled. “What will my children eat? Certainly not bread crumbs.” I too, have moved the panty hose (which I hope never to wear again) along with wrapping paper, planters, small garden tools and a myriad of other stuff that I should have just tossed. Bottom line, my kids will also have a good laugh at the stuff we collected.

    • Interesting comments! Moving stuff you haven’t used from one place to another has got to be among the 10 most despised activities!

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