A New Use for an Old Product

I am not one to endorse a product but I am so tickled with a discovery I made that I have to share it with you as I have with many friends who are as ecstatic as I am.

You probably have heard of Oxyclean.  It’s sold by itself (liquid or powder) as well as an ingredient in other cleaners.  It is touted as a super cleaner for laundry.  Well, I have used it to take out a stain by following directions on the tub of powder I have and it has never disappointed.  BUT – I made a wonderful discover all by myself!  It amounts to a new use for the product, at least I had never heard of it being used for this before.

Have you ever burned a pan really badly and, even after soaking overnight, can’t quite get it clean?  Well, listen up. At least once a week, I sauté veggies in a pan and tend to want them crispy so the pan gets burned.  Take a look:


Here’s the pan with veggies cooked in it.



Here’s what it looks like with veggies removed.


Sprinkle a generous amount of Oxyclean in it in the sink.



Make sure water is VERY hot and add to the pan. Soak a few hours or overnight.



And … with NO elbow grease, just a wipe with a sponge, here’s the result!


  1. Marilyn Torodash

    Hi Arl, Have you tried oven roasting vegetables instead of the fry pan method.? Preheat oven to 425. Foil line a roasting pan (low sides), bounce prepped vegetables in a plastic veg. Bag (the clear kind from the produce dept.) with small amount of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Lay it out on the prepared pan, dust with dried spices like oregano or what ever. Roast for 40 min. I roasted 6 different vegetables for the family this past Fri. Night…. The 1” diagonal carrot were microwaved for 1:30 sec. because they’re dense. The only thing left to clean is discarding the foil and maybe some oil clean up on the roasting pan. Wedges of eggplant are wonderful this way. 💕 MMMMMMMMM


  2. Marilyn T.

    OMG. A real “hack” solution that works. Will I see you on tic tok? or tic tack?

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