The Zoom Experience

Before the Pandemic, most of us would have said that to zoom is to go speedily, as in, the cars go zooming by, and had nothing to do with computers.

Zoom on computer

Now, we all Zoom!  We Zoom with friends, relatives and doctors.  We have therapy sessions on Zoom.  We have attended Zoom Bar Mitzvahs and, sadly, funerals.  We Zoom with our Book Club, our cousin in Europe and our grandchildren in California.  We have Zoom Thanksgivings.  Some of us even attend Zoom classes. 

4 cartoon fotos

I used to take interesting classes at a local college as part of a senior learning program, now they are all online.  I remember having to search for a parking spot.  Not with Zoom!  My car never leaves my driveway.  And having to maneuver through the labyrinthine halls of the college to (finally!) locate my classroom.  Now, I can Zoom from any room in the house!  And upon arrival in my assigned room, I would have to look for the best seat … a good view of the instructor, not too near the window, away from someone I was trying to avoid ….  After getting settled, a tall person would invariably sit directly in front of me, obscuring my view!  But all that is no longer a problem!  I have a “front row” seat with a clear view of the instructor as well as everyone else who is in the class.  No more looking at peoples’ backs!

Once in the online classroom, I connect with old friends and am able to interact with them and the teacher. We all know how important it is to socialize, especially during Covid, and I don’t even have to wear a mask or be socially distanced! I can ask questions as well.  A break is provided so I can walk away from the computer and attend to other duties. 

Special stand-alone presentations continue in this senior learning program using Zoom.  Whereas before they were held in a large forum, now they’re online.  I can hear perfectly by adjusting my computer’s volume to any level that works for me.  By screen sharing, the presenter shows us his Powerpoint, video, photos or slides. Clear and simple!  The only things I have to supply that used to be part of the socializing before the presentation are cookies and coffee!

cocktailFor those who are still not convinced, consider this: Having a bad hair day? Don’t feel like shaving your 7-day stubble? Feel like lounging in your pajamas all day?  Don’t want anyone to know that you smoke cigars at home or enjoy a 4:00 daily cocktail?  Want to prepare dinner while listening to the instructor? Your secret is safe – simply join without the video!

bad hair





And, while we’re at it, have you taken advantage of all the venues out there that offer shows using such platforms as Zoom, Youtube or Facebook live?  Guess what?  You don’t have to travel into the big city to see the fabulous series “Lyrics and Lyricists” from 92Y that my husband and I enjoy, or a Broadway show, concert or play.  Libraries, too, provide wonderful cultural experiences.  Check them out.

See you on Zoom!

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