Strange “Coincidences”

Have you ever had a dream about someone you haven’t seen in a long time … and the next day, you run into him?  Precognition or coincidence?

The most memorable of these incidents occurred many years ago, when I was a young woman living in Queens.  I had a dream about a couple, Fred and Gus Geary, friends of my parents whom neither I nor my parents had seen since we had lived in dinerthe Bronx 10 years prior.  The very next day I was in the local diner when who did I spy at a nearby table?  Fred and Gus! When I said, “I dreamt about you last night!” they looked at me as though I were a nut.

More recently, however, I’ve had 4 such experiences that border on the supernatural. Recently, at a David Sedaris concert (see previous blog) he related a story where he and his sister, Amy, were inventing names for new prescription drugs. “Highfalutin” was one they came up with, as in “give her 30 mg of highfalutin and her mood will highfalutinimprove.”  I haven’t heard that word since my parents were alive; my mom survived my dad by 5 years and died in 1992.  The day after the Sedaris show I started a book, “City of Girls” by Elizabeth Gilbert and what word did I come upon?  You guessed it!  Highfalutin!

A few weeks ago, I was clearing out some computer files and came across an email I had saved from a former student written in 2013; I had responded to it shortly after receiving it.  I now wanted to follow up and ask how and what he was doing 6 years later so emailed him.  Within a day or two, I got a response.  Here was his opening: Serendipity is a fascinating phenomenon! I have not used this email in nearly two years, but decided to check in on it this evening.  

math student

In an effort to clean out a drawer, I threw away a name and address of a chiropractor I had been saving for several years, never needed.  The following day a drawerfriend called and said, “Do you still have the name of the chiropractor I gave you a long time ago? I lost the contact and want to see him.”

And, finally, a week or two ago, I was at GCT to catch a train home from the city.  I stopped at a kiosk for a bottle of water, leaning my umbrella on the counter.  In my haste to catch the train, I left the umbrella there, realizing it when I got settled on the train.  Since I still had 15 minutes before departure, I decided to go back to the kiosk to retrieve it.  When I approached, I saw it wasn’t there and asked GCTthe clerk if she had seen it.  “No,” she said, but a nearby employee of GCT said, “I just put it in Lost and Found, come with me.”  I was sure I would have to go way to the other side of the floor, and certainly miss my train, but he took me to where he had stashed it … steps away from the kiosk.  I made my train with time to spare.  Now what was the chance that (1) the Lost and Found worker would be right there when I came back to the kiosk and (2) that the area where he stored it was right in that vicinity?

I’ve had numerous others. Whether you believe in precognition, spirits or ESP, I am a strong believer in “something” unexplainable that caused these “coincidences”.

Meanwhile, will someone who believes in telekinesis please raise my hand?


  1. First off, “GCT”- Yes! As it is not just a station but the TERMINAL for the trains that stop there.

    This is a nice blog. My most memorable one of these is when I met Robin Williams for the second time. Earlier that week (probably less than 72 hours before) I thought, if I only met Robin Williams today, “I’d know exactly what to say. [unlike when I froze speechless the first time] I’d say, I’m a writer and I wrote a line about you in a recent poem, would you like to hear it? And he say yes.”

    Well when I met him soon after that thought that was exactly what happened! BTW, the line was–>is (now changed post his shocking and sad death) “When he was working on material- 365 was Bimbo’s.” (He used to try out material pre-tours at a local SF club, Bimbo’s 365, for under 20 bucks a show!)

    When I told him the line he a) laughed in that unique memorable way he did and b) shortly after, excitedly remarked, ” IT’S YOU!”. He actually knew me!!! But that’s a story worthy for a comment to a different blog! Haha.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. Nice story about Robin Williams and I’m sure your poem is Leworthy!

  2. Jordana

    I like to see coincidences as God’s way of saying hi!

  3. Dennis

    Such things have happened to me too. I’ve heard such phenomena referred to as co-winky-dinks. Others refer to them as “winks from G-d.” Either way they’re pretty neat!

    • Yup! I’ve heard from others about these strange happenings. Would love to hear what you’ve experienced.

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