Another Horrible Week

Those of you who regularly read my blog posts might remember one I wrote a few years back about a week of misadventures, accidents and frustration.  To reread, see: My Horrible, Bad Week

Well, I just endured another one.  We’ll start with the cold. I’m not normally one to complain about weather, but this week was record-breaking, requiring searching through drawers I haven’t accessed since the great blizzard of 1978 when CT Gov. Ella Grasso closed the Merritt Parkway.  I found woolen socks, long underwear and earmuffs. blizzardI wore sweaters with 2 layers beneath them and … for the first time ever, I zipped on the nerdy fur-rimmed hood that came with my winter jacket.  This is the second jacket I owned that had a removable hood and with each, I had removed it when I brought it home and never used it again. I put it in the drawer with the woolen socks and long underwear.  This is the first time ever that I did not leave the B&B where we were staying for New Year’s in upstate NY because it was so frigid out.

OK, enough about that.  Here’s what broke in the last week:

The microwave.  My husband says it’s the klystrons (I think that’s a made-up name by people who watch Star Trek).  You wouldn’t think how much you rely on the microwave until it goes kaplooey.

My husband’s computer caught a virus (can’t blame it in this cold) and required that he do a restore to an earlier time.  I like that Time Warp thing; sometimes I wish I could do that to my body.

Our TV started having a mind of its own.  Sometimes it would randomly scan the channels, sometimes it would raise the volume to deafening level.  My husband did his McGyver act and patched together a temporary solution.  Soon, we’ll have to buy a new TV.

We brought the Subaru in for a check-up and oil change and my husband, following me who was driving the all-electric wheegoWheego, discovered that the Wheego had no brake lights.  Whoops.  With the Subaru getting serviced and no brake lights on the Wheego, I had plenty of time to take nice walks. I bundled up, got a block away and turned back because of the frigid temps and biting winds!

cold dress

We got word that the Subaru needed a front wheel bearing.  Uh oh.  Just upped the service charge by about $500.

Did I mention that the cable modem died and that we didn’t have phone service for a day?  It took an hour on hold to get through to them.

My printer wasn’t working and I called in my service guy (my husband) who managed to repair it.  I must remember to give him a good tip.

And, finally, the fireplace heater wasn’t working properly.  Wouldn’t have been so terrible except that as most of you know, we don’t have fireplacea furnace; we rely on the wood to warm the house and the temps were in the single digits (see paragraph 2).

Other than that, it was a lovely New Year week.  Can’t wait to go to Florida for a while!


  1. Marilyn Torodash

    The photo of you looking like a stuffed magenta sausage is hysterical. Bravo! Comediennes have to love their craft more than their vanity!! L,MMMMMMMMMMMMM

  2. Susan S. Gold

    Once again Arlene, you hit the nail on the head with the inconveniences that we all experience but instead of getting upset or anxious; you smiled and persevered! When life throws you all those curve balls, you can try to dodge them, but the bottom line is you have to get a job done no matter what and figure out solutions. And solutions you did and certainly, you maintained a smile and a good dose of gratitude to make the most of your holidays. I laughed reading your adventures and know that you always manage to be positive and hopeful! Happy New Year!

  3. Susan

    Maybe I should rethink watching over the house and weego while you’re gone………

  4. Madeline


  5. Larry

    Omg u did hv a trble tim. Not lol. Ma b u will hv gd luck for the rest f th m th. Rmbr cnsrv spc at all tim.

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