Arizona … A Visual Wonder!

Recently, we visited Arizona. I have never been to Southwest states and particularly wanted to see the Grand Canyon. Isn’t it on everyone’s Bucket List?

However, first on our list, just outside of Phoenix, was a 90-minute tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West, a not-to-be missed architectural treat. We had previously seen his Falling Water, Kentuck Knob and other edifices designed by Wright and looked forward to this. We were not disappointed.IMG_20151021_115724

At the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and Zoo who could resist taking a photo of this little guy on a leaf?IMG_20151022_130138-1

Second only to the Grand Canyon, Sedona was breathtaking! The red rocks and formations are spectacular and I’m so glad I listened to someone back home who recommended taking the Pink Jeep Tour. It was the highlight of the trip! You get to go places not easily accessible by foot.IMG_20151024_104928Arlene Sedona

IMG_20151024_102016What’s AZ without a ride on Route 66? Although most of it is highway and developed, we did find some old-time spots where nostalgia ranked high. Williams, an old “cowboy” town on the route, was where we stopped overnight to take the train into the Grand Canyon.IMG_20151026_144930-1

You know how kids use the word “awesome” for everything from commenting on your new shoes to your choice of dinner on the menu? When I got my first glimpse of the Grand Canyon, I truly understood the meaning of the word. I was awestruck! Hard to capture the vastness and dimensionality in photos, but here are two.IMG_20151027_124143IMG_20151027_124444








On the way back to Phoenix, we slept one night in the Wigwam Motel on Route 66:IMG_20151029_142400

Finally, in Scottsdale (a lovely suburb of Phoenix), Dia de Los Muertes was being celebrated at the Desert Botanical Garden.IMG_20151023_103550IMG_20151031_123437






Other not-to-be missed sights in and around Phoenix which I will leave for you to look up are: the MIM Museum, Wrigley Mansion, Cosanti Foundry, Old Town Scottsdale and the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. We enjoyed the AZ State Fair but I was disappointed because there was too much expensive food and not enough interesting state exhibits like livestock and crafts.

There you have it. A beautiful state, a wonderful vacation!



    Happy New Year to you and Marty. Sue and I took the same trip two years ago and loved that part of the country. Our pink jeep suffered a flat tire on our way down the mountain, but pretty close to the top. While waiting for a repair jeep to arrive, we hiked off the road into some very scenic areas. That’s a beautiful part of the country. Marty

  2. Rhea

    Arizona is a beautiful place, but you did miss my “hometown”….Prescott….too bad, you would have enjoyed. I was hoping to see you..

    • Thanks, Rhea, we were too but our schedule and driving plans just didn’t mesh this time.

  3. Linda Levine

    Glad you got your kicks !!!

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