I’ve Got MORE Questions

I’ve gotten many requests (OK, so just one) for a follow-up on my post “I’ve Got Questions.” So, here they are …

I spend a lot of time at the beach and have watched countless children at play throughout the years. Their activity almost questions2beachnever varies. Their operation post is situated near the area their parents have established for the family. Often this is 20 or 30 feet from the water’s edge. Then, the children go to work. They diligently dig holes as deep as their age, muscle and time allows, and send someone (usually the smallest and youngest) to the water to fill up a bucket, lug it back to the hole, and dump it in. Over and over again. The small child swells with the honor of being chosen for this important task, even while staggering under the weight of the bucket. He never questions the outcome of his exertions, never seems to tire of doing this endless task and more importantly, never asks, “How come we didn’t start our hole closer to the water?”

What’s with all the complaining about the weather? Here in the northeast, if the forecast is for 65 degrees on a summer day, we complain that it’s too cold. We’d kill for 65 in the winter! And why do we always questions2weatherblame or applaud the meteorologist for what he’s merely reporting from the computer models? I’ve heard news anchors get downright nasty to the weatherman whose prediction shows 3 continuous days of rain. Give me a break!

Could someone please explain the ice bucket challenge to me? Why go through all the torture … wouldn’t it be easier to just donate to the very worthy cause? I know, you’ll tell me it raised more money than ever before. OK, but might there have been a more dignified way to do that? Like a neat handwriting challenge?


And, finally, why would a dog need “gluten-free” dog biscuits? That’s right, folks. At the local farmer’s market last week, one questions2farmermktvendor was proclaiming that all his edibles for dogs were gluten-free. Were dogs complaining about the side effects of gluten? Was it interfering with their vegan/macrobiotic/organic artisanal dog food? As an aside, I want to tell you that whenever I am offered a “gluten-free” food, I turn it down saying, “I’m sorry, but I find that nowadays I really need all the gluten I can get!”

That’s all folks.


  1. No “like” button here any more??

    • Of course there is! Down at the bottom! Thanks for reading.

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