Not the Usual Travel Photos

My husband and I just came back from Charleston, South Carolina, one of the most beautiful cities we’ve traveled to. We’ve been there several times. This time, I took a few unusual photos I thought would be of interest. Not the horse-drawn carriage rides or the Citadel or the Battery. Not Fort Sumter or the Piggly Wiggly, but things I found that tickled my fancy.

One day, while riding my bike along Patriot’s Point, I stopped abruptly when I saw a turtle starting to cross the road. Before he turned into turtle soup, I snapped a photo. Soon, a car screeched to a halt, a lady got out, and, scooping the turtle up in her bare hands, carried him across the street safely. What a city!

Is the Light Green?

Easy Does It!

Another day, biking along a beautiful road in Mount Pleasant, I came across a gas station with prices I just had to snap. Coming from Connecticut as I do, I had to document what gasoline and cigarettes cost for those in Charleston.

 Charleston Trip 027

Charleston Trip 028Finally, I passed a truck advertising several services – painting, carpentry, power washing, etc. It struck me as particularly wonderful that the owner named his company after a Shakespearean play! If I had need of those services, I would hire him on his literary sophistication alone!

Charleston Trip 030

No misspelled signs in Charleston that I noticed but I thought the above were all worth documenting.


  1. I lived in Charleston from 1995 to 1999. During my tenure there I distinctly remember seeing the lowest gas price I ever had witnessed. The price I saw was quite low for the times and has remained the lowest I have ever observed. It has forever burned a hole in my mind’s wallet- $077.9/Gallon!! Even New Jersey was over a buck then!

    Yeah, and cigs have always been super low in the Carolinas. Sometimes friends travelling northward would buy several cases. Good memories, thanks!!

    • Thanks for your memories; I commented to one clerk at a convenience store about the low cigarette prices, she said, “I know, when I was in NY I had to pay $10 for a pack.” I asked her if she thought about quitting and she said, “No, I thought about bringing a carton from here next time!”

  2. linda Levine

    Really good close-up, turtle with car!
    The flowered pants on the lady must be SC pants.

    I’m thinking of other Shakespeare titles that would be good on a truck: Julius Caesar
    Salads and Pizza, A Midsummer’s Night Mattresses,Taming of the Shrew Marriage Counseling

    • So clever, Linda! You need to start your own blog.

  3. susan


  4. yourothermotherhere

    Interesting photos made all the better by the little stories behind them. Thanks for sharing them.

    • Thanks for reading the post and for your comment!

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