Sines of the Times

Some people go on vacation and bring back souvenirs; I look for and, sadly, find misspelled signs. That’s right – this was a 3-sign vacation, 4 if you count the one that got away. That one was an electric scrolling sign I noticed as I was driving that gave some “traffic infromation”. Even if I had stopped the car, I don’t think I would have been able to capture the 2 or 3 seconds when the word in question was displayed. Actually, come to think of it, there was a 5th that I also could not photograph; it was on a small sign on the stationary bike at the Y where I worked out. It showed the optimum heart rate for your “weigth.” Sadly, I didn’t have my camera with me. However, I did snap the following three:

Sarasota 2013 001One wonders how many people actually must have shown up in costume to have a sign devoted to their contributing to the business’s success. And, what would those costumes be? The business was a car wash. Would you dress as a mop? Perhaps a bucket of soapy water? A can of ArmorAll?

If the lounges are indeed as they are described, perhaps you’d best not removeSarasota 2013 037 them! They just may give chase, and then where would you be? Certainly not in a good place!

Lastly, my husband and I visited a local Chinese restaurant for a dim sum lunch. I remarked how beautiful the menus were, the pages almost like silk. The illustrations were simple yet elegant. And then I saw the page with noodle choices. Noodless! It has a certain quirkiness to it; it could almost be a real word. Can you put it in a sentence?

Sarasota 2013 055When I brought it to the manager’s attention, he said that he already knew. But the menus were printed in China and it would be a monumental task to have them redone or corrected. “So,” he said, “we’ll just pretend that we don’t have any noods. Our restaurant is entirely noodless.” At least he had a sense of humor about it.


  1. I do love the sense of humor. No Noods!

    (I was slightly disappointed, oh former math teacher, thinking this post would be about trigonometry!)

    • No trig! Just “sines”.

      • I guess I’ll have to cosine myself to that.

      • Good one!

      • Thanks! I didn’t mean to go off on a tangent.

  2. Marty Yolles

    The Cheong Fun* were YUMMY.

    *Rice Noodle Rolls With Shrimp

  3. What a great post! I too collect signs with misspellings and interesting sayings. I really enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you for reading and commenting!

  4. Madeline T

    Too bad the restaurant didn’t give you a gift certificate.  M

  5. Too bad while you were here that we didn’t visit a certain local diner in Cape Coral, where they serve a delicious “bowel of oatmeal.” I photographed the menu (excluding the identity of a diner of which we’re fond) and sent it to Jay Leno.

  6. So funny. Please post more !!

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