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sedona photoFor most of my life, I taught Mathematics in public schools:  5th grade through college!  My interests, in addition to all things mathematical, are reading, knitting, writing, bicycling and family.

I’m married to Marty, have a son, a daughter and one stepdaughter.  Three grandchildren round out the immediate family.  I look forward to spending more time with them in my retirement.
Oh, and I also have my HAM radio license KA1NLF.  Although I am inactive I am registered with the FCC.

Hope you enjoy my (a)musings and write comments!


  1. Nicholas Carey

    Mrs. Yolles!
    I have been trying to find a way to contact you for several years, and that search has led me to this site. I wanted to personally thank you for your 8th grade math class. Beforehand, as you may remember, I could not stand the field, as I considered myself lacking the ability to excel. However, your class changed that completely. To this day, I still contribute your class, and the way you taught math, to instilling my interest in advanced mathematical topics (starting with the Fractal video you showed my class) to topics like calculus, and quantum theory. Last year I doubled up in mathematics, and now advanced into Pre-Calculus where I am currently. I am also taking independent classes online via MIT on Integral Calculus.
    Your class also led my interest into math applied into science. Currently, I am really focused on cosmology and astrophysics, which as you may know are extremely math oriented. Your class single-handedly changed my opinion of math from boring numbers, to a abstract and fascinating field.
    Again, I want to thank you for opening my world to just how fun and captivating mathematics is. After all, it is the language of the universe!
    Thank you for all you did,
    Nicholas Carey
    Team 1

    • So happy to hear from you. A longer reply is coming via email!

  2. David Starobin

    I went to Boiberik for 4 summers, ’60-’63. (My dad was President of the camp in ’39, and in the Golden Book- my aunt says he only got a line because Leibush Lehrer didn’t like his lefty sympathies). Your post brought back so many long lost memories. Thanks for that!

    • Thanks, David. I’m surprised at your aunt’s comment because I thought the whole camp was very leftish politically! I, too, got a line and saw it when I went to YIVO Institute where the Golden Books reside.

  3. There is a math blog I really like (Good Math), and I stumbled across a funny one that made me think of you! I thought you’d be both horrified and amused!


  4. madeline

    Your blog is now on my must read list. I love what you write about and how you write it. M

    • Thanks! I’ll even take suggestions of topics. But my favorites are words, spelling, punctuation and math, of course!

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