Texting While Working Out?

I probably won’t make any young fans on this post, but it’s gotta be said: what’s with texting while you’re at the gym?

exercise text3

Now, I know that people of a certain age simply cannot live, move, act or take part in an activity without having their phones close by. I was at the beach the other day and a lovely girl passed by on a stroll with a friend. She was wearing a bikini and, tucked into it (not much room, but nevertheless….) was her cell phone. Obviously, she couldn’t just go on a walk with a friend without having it by her side (actually ON her side).

exercise textcartoon1exercise textcartoon2

With the exception of a true emergency (sick child, someone in the hospital, doctor call-back … you know what an emergency is!) why can’t some of us simply leave the phone behind while enjoying another activity that requires interaction with others or concentration to get something done (like driving!)

exercise text2

The other day I went to my Y to work out and looked around. Two teenage girls on the mat in the stretching area were both on their phones. I suppose they might be stretching their minds, but certainly not their bodies. Others on machines, biking, as well as those exercise text4lifting weights were also texting or checking their phones for (gasp!) something they might have missed during the 15 minutes needed to work out. Thankfully, I did not see anyone in the pool texting! (I guess that means that either swimmers are more willing to take the risk of being disconnected for a period of time, or that waterproof phones are not yet being made.)exercise text5

exercise text1

I see parents texting while a little child begs for their attention.
I see friends texting while they are hanging out with friends.
I see couples texting while having dinner out in a restaurant.

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